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Rebecca Kinge is a Southampton-based community organiser, being involved in a self-employed and voluntary capacity with a number of different community projects in the city and beyond. Solent Renewal is the name that Rebecca has been using for a few years. It is a name used for email and other purposes, but not a registered company or brand.

Like you, Rebecca believes in strong communities. She wants to generate discussion about making our communities truly inclusive, sustainable and resilient in a world that has many challenges. She wants to develop partnerships to make change happen. She wants to promote responsible global citizenship. Mostly, the ethos is to see grass roots change, where communities take control rather than feel ‘done to’ by others.

These are the types of project that Rebecca works with:

  • Coordinator for the Creative Places project, set up to support and strengthen independents that enable community and creative activity to flourish.
  • Event coordinator (Jan 2014 until April 2017) for Dangerous Ideas Southampton which explores grassroots social change projects with an emphasis on creativity, sustainability and fairness.
  • A team member of Southampton’s Climate Conversations, which is about working together in the city to tackle the challenges of climate change.
  • Part of the TEDx Southampton organising team
  • Promoting local social enterprises (businesses where society profits) through the Solent Social Enterprise Zone.
  • Getting communities actively involved in plans and decisions that affect them.
  • Creating chances for local people to share their visions and influence decision-making.
  • Projects that celebrate the talents of local people, with a particular emphasis on arts and culture.
  • Promoting fair and ethical trading including supporting the Fair Trade in Southampton initiative.

People who give their time freely play a huge role in our society and there is great potential to build on the power of the freeconomy, sharing skills, talents and knowledge for community benefit. Alongside this, it is important that people have the chance to earn money using the skills developed within community settings. Rebecca has been combining volunteering with paid work for many years and looks to support others who wish to do the same.


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