Cycling in Shirley

A group of local Shirley residents who tend to get about the neighbourhood by bike got together on 30 Aug 2017. We wanted to look at the planning application for a new Lidl on the old Police station site, and decide together what we thought could be done to improve cycling.

It was a combination of local residents, Councillors and active community members who attended our meeting. Our main recommendations were as follows:

For Lidl, we ask the following:

  • There should be a segregated cycle lane on Shirley Rd/ Shirley High St with safe crossing points across this road and adjoining side roads to accommodate cyclists as well as pedestrians.
  • More consideration to the detail of how cyclists access the new Lidl store from Shirley Road and Villiers Road.
  • Decent, well positioned cycle stands and provision at Lidl for a range of types of bikes.
  • The importance of an effective and monitored Travel Plan, making good links to local cycle initiatives and associated organisations.
  • A clear commitment to cleaner air and other environmental and street improvements.

We ask Southampton City Council to note the above measures in respect of the Lidl planning application, as well as relevant city plans and other local development proposals.

For the Police, we would welcome an increase in driver awareness activity, such as the Close Pass scheme.

We’ve shared these thoughts and our more detailed report on the issues with Lidl, Southampton City Council and the Police. Here’s hoping that more can be achieved to improve the quality of the area, including making it easier and safer to cycle.



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