Changing cities – learning from others

I’ve been interested in urban areas forever. How they can foster social interaction, how money spent locally can stay in the local area, their role in addressing big challenges such as climate change, poor air quality, inequality and social justice. And for me personally, what’s the role of community development in addressing these?

I’m doing some research into what is happening in other places, so thought I would share some of this here via my blog.

Today, I’m getting ready for the Southampton film screening of ‘Demain’, or if you prefer the English translation ‘Tomorrow’. It’s a powerful film showing the positive actions we can take to address climate change. It really doesn’t have to be all doom and despair, so many initiatives that address climate change will actually improve our own quality of life. As Jan Gehl says in respect of getting our cities walking and cycling, “What are we waiting for?” Transition Southampton with the University of Southampton have decided to screen the film tonight – Thursday 18th May 2017.

A number of us involved in community projects will be at the fair beforehand, sharing what we get up to and showing that change-inspired initiatives are happening here in Southampton, right here, right now.

For me, I’ll be there with our new Creative Places project. We’re keen to show that independent businesses have a central role in this city in encouraging creative, community and sustainable activity to flourish.

And in the next few months, I’ll be reaching out a bit more, to find out what else is happening around the UK. I’m keen to learn more about the work of the Institute of Place Management and the proactive network of #shoplocal projects. I’ll updated myself on all the local currency projects which started in Totnes and Bristol and seem to be popping up all over.

If this is up your street, do get in touch!


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